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Prevention of Occupational Risks
Workplace Safety 

PROCAMBER’s commitment to safety and health of their employees involves developing a system of prevention of occupational hazards that can control risks and improve continuously.

In response to legislation, PROCAMBER has developed a systematic work based on their needs and the statement made early in the day.


  • Statement of Principles
  • Preventive policies and organization
  • Risks assessment and planning

Our goal is that all our staff involved in the improvement of the Health and Safety at work and ensure the health of our employees. This is an established specific procedures:

  • Preventive Education : Annual Training Plan
  • Preventive Information : Recruitment process, Employee Manual and MSDS
  • Participation : Annual Test on preventive procedure subject to the EDD

PROCAMBER has commissioned Work Safety, and External Prevention Service at the company and a System Manager prevented. They all work to ensure the health and safety of all members of staff.


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