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Legalization of new projects

In PROCAMBER are fully aware of the disadvantages that documentation to make and the  procces to legalize them at the various official agencies.

For that reason we advise you on the correct application of the rules, we generate the necessary documentation to carry out your project and develop the plan to legalize your facility once built.

PROCAMBER is Certified as Authorized Installer :

  • Pressure equipment
  • Gas
  • Thermal installations in buildings
  • Electricity



Download RD 2060/2008 Pression Equipment Regulations


In our company we know about the importance of good work and high quality and that is why our actions are aimed at it.

The direction of PROCAMBER is committed to creating, implementing and maintaining an integrated system in the structure to ensure that quality is present in all efforts to design, production, marketing and delivery of products and services.

To ensure the quality of our final product we not accept orders which exceed our production capacity, which are beyond our reach or when we will not able to ensure and monitor the works as our policy.


Download Approvals welding process.


We offer you the necessary assistance for the design and development of your project.

We have a technical department that is available to carry out the initial idea to completion last detail of the project , from the industrial purchasing management, applying a rigorous quality control, until the constructive follow of them.

Project Management

We know how important it is to coordinate all activities of an industrial building, which is why we take care to provide quality service to the level of facilities wishing to reach an efficient construction, achieve no waiting times and ensure at all times the correct development of the project.

Broadly speaking the work we do for you is :

  • Definition of the stages of construction and proposed timming
  • Assessment of the man/hours required for the achievement of the objectives of the project
  • Management in the delivery of materils on site. We performed a comprehensive monitoring of the different providers.
  • Carrying out the necessary mechanical and hydraulic tests.

This control and monitoring also ensures all staff of the work, avoiding interference between companies, etc…


Prevention of Occupational Risks
Workplace Safety 

PROCAMBER’s commitment to safety and health of their employees involves developing a system of prevention of occupational hazards that can control risks and improve continuously.

In response to legislation, PROCAMBER has developed a systematic work based on their needs and the statement made early in the day.


  • Statement of Principles
  • Preventive policies and organization
  • Risks assessment and planning

Our goal is that all our staff involved in the improvement of the Health and Safety at work and ensure the health of our employees. This is an established specific procedures:

  • Preventive Education : Annual Training Plan
  • Preventive Information : Recruitment process, Employee Manual and MSDS
  • Participation : Annual Test on preventive procedure subject to the EDD

PROCAMBER has commissioned Work Safety, and External Prevention Service at the company and a System Manager prevented. They all work to ensure the health and safety of all members of staff.


Security Consulting

Security Consulting in Industrial

  • We inform you about the regulations, documentation and periodic inspections that Industry should have at your installations.
  • We make technical audits for the preparation of the report / memory of the current status of the plant affected by regulations .
  • We study the needs, gather the necessary documentation, prepare the proyect or memory.
  • Processing will be performed on the agencies to get the minutes and legalization of equipment and / or facilities are needed.
  • Execute the necessary work to complete the record favorably licensing and inspections exceed prescriptive.

Legalization of existing plants.

Since we have : 

  • Extensive experience in the industry
  • Vast technical and legal expertise
  • Knowledge of the needs of businesses
  • An in many cases know your facilities

We offer a complete service for updating and upgrading facilities affected by specific regulations, by :

  • Analysis of needs
  • Recommendation of technical and legal solutions
  • Collection of accurate documentation
  • Report and/or project preparations
  • Processing before government agencies
  • Preparations of equipment and facilities to carry out periodic inspections
  • Coordination of the implementation of the work with OCA’s.

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